Foundation For Positive Mental Health

Why Use Positive Mental Training and the Feeling Good App?

Key Advantages of Positive Mental Training for Patients

  • evidenced programme in the Feeling Good App
  • easy to use
  • treatment can begin immediately
  • no waiting list referral
  • non stigmatising – based on sports psychology
  • relaxation based – aids SLEEPING
  • uses applied relaxation – NICE approved for anxiety
  • treatment option – instead of or alongside antidepressant
  • require no reading  (unlike most other therapies eg CCBT)
  • listen in the comfort of their own home at a time which suits them
  • programme fits round their life
  • maintains relationship with their primary health care professional
  • Feeling Good App is NHS digital library accredited indicating safety, robustness & efficacy


Key Advantages for Health Care Professional

  • evidence based
  • not diagnosis dependent
  • facilitates early detection of depression
  • treats severe depression
  • interesting and informative workshops on emotional health and recovery
  • GP audits show less antidepressant prescribing and less referrals
  • surveys reveal that those who use it clinically report coping better at work
  • workshop evaluation indicates increases understanding of own personal stress