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Embedding resilience, self-esteem and motivation in school pupils through Positive Mental Training


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 As one of the proud winners of the recent Future Ready Fund (an initiative by Nesta, a global innovation foundation supporting high-potential, early-stage projects tackling significant contemporary challenges), we are delighted to say that we will be helping schools in the UK enhance pupils’ skills with a pioneering, research-based, non-stigmatising approach designed to embed non-cognitive skills, such as resilience, into the classroom and curriculum.

In a nutshell…

Our goal is to give secondary-aged (11-18) pupils access and guidance to a specifically adapted version of our Positive Mental Training (PosMT) programme, which has been successfully used by the NHS & student/community settings for 13+ years. PosMT is proven to have a positive impact on social & emotional skills, perceptions of self, motivation and resilience.


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Following our successful pilot 2019/2020, we are delighted to have secured funding to allow us to develop and scale this programme over the next year.

We have listened to teacher and pupil feedback to improve the Feeling Good for Schools programme, making it better meet the needs of schools.

For the next academic year we have  developed  two 6-week programmes, to be delivered over Y7/S1, and Y8/S2.  This will still have our 3-part approach with participating schools, consisting of regular group listening sessions of the Feeling Good for Teens audios for school (specifically adapted from NHS-endorsed PosMT audio tracks), teacher training to optimise delivery of the programme, and weekly, teacher-led, creative group activities designed to increase engagement and reinforce key learnings & techniques related to the development of academic & personal confidence.  GDPR compliance



Watch our webinars on Feeling Good for Schools Q & A (one from the morning, one from the evening, same content, different questions)

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Becky’s responses to the preset Q&As

If you’re interested in implementing this approach in your school or institution, have any comments, questions or ideas, or would like to support our project, we’d love for you to get in touch at

The original Positive Mental Training programme is currently available via our Feeling Good app (approved by the NHS Digital App Library).

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