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It has really helped me relax before bed and helped me clear my head of any worrying thoughts so I sleep much better now.

If I feel I'm starting to get anxious I put the app on and just listen even a few minutes and I feel better

The techniques have aided my recovery from depression beyond my best expectations

Thanks for making a positive difference to my patients' lives!! Dr Chris Woodforde, GP

I feel much calmer and less anxious, starting to realise the many strengths and talents I have

What We Do.....

We are a charity dedicated to promoting skills training for positive mental health, to enhance everyday wellbeing, increase resilience to, and recovery from, mental health difficulties.

We can all learn how to increase our mental fitness by using simple exercises such as breath control  and sports mind training techniques. Watch the 3 1/2 minute animation opposite to see how this works.  Interested in the Science behind this?  See here.

We run training workshops for professionals and provide resources to support socially valuable projects. Currently the charity is working to improve mental health in schools through the Feeling Good for Schools programme and also supporting wellbeing in prisons.

This animation was made possible by the kind donation of The Lady Marian Gibson Trust & The Primary Care Mental Health and Education (PrimHe) charity

Herald Higher Education Awards

Top marks from the Herald Higher Education Awards for Supporting Student Wellbeing was presented to the University of Edinburgh’s wellbeing department, headed by Andy Shanks for their work with us in providing free access to the Feeling Good: positive mindet app, an evidence-based self-help programme for recovery from stress and depression through building mind strength, resilience and peak performance. This app is available to all students and staff at the university and has been enthusiastically accessed by over 3000 people in the university community, through multiple innovative channels. Anonymous data analysis shows positive improvements in users.

Jackie's experience.....

Listen to how Positive Mental Training helped Jackie overcome a fear of travelling on buses -by BBC health correspondent Eleanor Bradford.

Positive Mental Training now available as an app called Feeling Good

Approved by NHS digital App Library

Positive Mental Training


Positive Mental Training is an easy-to-use audio programme, that incorporates these techniques, which research shows can help lift mood out of depression, stress and anxiety and build confidence & coping. Watch the video on the right 'How Positive Mental Training helps stress & depression' to find out more.

About Us

A charity improving mental health and wellbeing. We provide materials, workshops, lobbying & supporting research. Read about us, our board and what we do.

We welcome donations and thank the Lady Marian Gibson Trust & St James Place Foundation for their generous charitable support.


We actively support research into Positive Mental Training. Studies have shown that it is effective in helping depression, anxiety & stress as well as increasing wellbeing, confidence and coping.


Our popular webinars and workshops help professionals understand our model of mental health recovery, so that they can then easily explain this in their work. Informative & very highly evaluated, by eg. GPs, psychiatrists, nurses, speech therapists, psychologists, counsellors.

Positive Mental Training

Positive Mental Training explained - the science behind it and how to use it.


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Listen to the first tracks of Positive Mental Training. Downloads mp3s, or our App. Feeling good: depression, anxiety & stress recovery. Or follow the breathing or muscle relaxation videos.