Foundation For Positive Mental Health

Positive Mental Training


Positive Mental Training is a self help programme for

  • stress,
  • depression and
  • anxiety and for building
  • confidence
  • coping
  • wellbeing

It can build resilience and decrease burnout and is also used for sleep problems, chronic pain, migraine etc.

The programme consists of 12 audio tracks, and a short 3 minute video, to be watched initially, explaining how it works. Each track , lasting 18 minutes, is ideally listened to 5 times a week, and in this way the whole programme takes 12 weeks to complete. However research has shown that there is considerable benefit after 4 weeks. 

Just in the way we repeat the same physical exercises to train our body, so by listening repetitively we can train our mind to think in a more positive way.

Mature man smiling, close-up, portrait

Positive Mental Training is based on the principles of cognitive behavoural therapy (CBT),  for instance to lift mood and change unhelpful thoughts, and does this by bringing together proven therapeutic techniques of

  • relaxation
  • mindfulness
  • visualisation
  • reappraisal

It was developed from a Swedish Olympic Sports performance programme, so is non-stigmatising with a positive self development focus, rather than a clinical illness based approach. It was researched and developed into a healthcare intervention in 2004 by Dr Alastair Dobbin, a GP and Sheila Ross PhD,  a health psychologist, health promotion specialist and clinical psychotherapist. It is recommended for use by NHS Borders & NHS Lothian 

Positive Mental Training tracks are in the Feeling Good for Life module in the Feeling Good: positive mindset App

Available as the Feeling Good; positive mindset App or as audio downloads

These mental skills, useful in all aspects of our lives, can be thought of as an immunisation against stress, giving us the resilience necessary to deal with stressful events, thereby promoting good mental health.

The Feeling Good App is approved by the NHS digital app library. 

Based on the amount of materials requested by NHS bodies, Community Health Partnerships in Scotland and Primary Care Trusts in England over 75,000 patients have received Positive Mental Training from their GPs/ primary care staff. Over 1000 staff have been trained across the UK including 650 GPs. We have received no reports of harm.