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Taught Sessions for Schools

Welcome to Feeling Good for Schools Resources


Access to all the Feeling Good for Schools programme resources

 including taught session resources for the whole programme over two years is now via Thinkific

 please contact us for information 


Resources  include

 teacher training modules

taught class powerpoints (narrated or not) 

teacher programme overview

 pupil workbook booklets for printing

 audios for whole class daily listening

Feeling Good for Schools programme is in 3 parts – NEW – A Lite Course for Primary 7/Y6 – 3 session course 

Part 1  – 6 sessions, and Part 2  – 6 sessions. 

Usually 6 sessions (part 1) in S1/Y7 and part 2 in S2/Y8 – but adaptable to your own school’s timetable and requirements.