Foundation For Positive Mental Health

About Us

The Foundation for Positive Mental Health was incorporated as a Scottish charity on the 17th December 2009.


Our aim is to enhance wellbeing and increase psychological resilience through adopting a positive mental health approach; that is viewing mental health in positive terms and building positive feelings.

Our vision is to give everyone the opportunity to develop the necessary mental and physical skills to allow them to have good mental health.

Good feelings make our minds function better, help us bounce back from setbacks and bounce forward to overcome challenges in our lives. This is what it is to be resilient.

We believe that we can learn and develop our ability to be more positive and to feel good through mind body training, in much the same way as athletes develop their expertise, and that Positive Mental Training is a programme that can help us achieve this.

The Foundation has an independent board which brings expertise, guidance and transparency to the charity and is managed on a day-to-day basis by Dr Alastair Dobbin, MBBS, & Dr Sheila Ross, PhD.


Memorandum and Articles of the Foundation for Positive Mental Health