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About GDPR

About  Feeling Good  for Schools


We take an individual’s privacy very seriously and have made sure that this project complies with the most recent GDPR guidelines.

In  delivery of this programme, we confirm that all data processing by FPMH and its subprocessors complies with GDPR regulations in that this project complies with the conditions of GDPR Article 6 b) processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party (ie evaluation of the project) and Article 9 – as it collects health data (we will collect data on wellbeing).

Evaluation of the programme includes short questionnaire/s that will be self -administered by the pupils, pre and post-programme. This questionnaire is made up of well-established scales within educational research and will be used solely to assess the impact of the programme on wellbeing and resilience and on whether improvements to the programme are needed.  Data is anonymised and no child will be individually identifiable in reports of the programme (which will be shared with the project schools). ImpactEd ( will assist in monitoring  and evaluating the programme to a high-standard.  In addition, interviews and/or focus groups may be conducted by us at selected  schools to learn more about the experience of the pupils and teachers.  

On how we look after your data please see  Privacy Policy for FPMH