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Download Audio Tracks

  If you have a voucher code for Positive Mental Training from your health professional, you can download the audio tracks free of charge here. Follow these steps:  [if not, you can buy them here]

  1. First register with you own email and password ( f you have previously registered please login)
  2. You will now be in your personal screen (‘Hello’) where you will be offered the choice to download a an audio track (MP3) of Positive Mental Training (there are 3 codes, one for each CD that the tracks have been taken from)
  3. In the top box enter the voucher code given to you by your Doctor or health professional
  4. In lower box put your health centre or clinic postcode.
  5. Click ‘download CD’ (will take 6 minutes on broadband). Before downloading ‘CD 1’ you will be asked to complete a questionnaire to measure your stress.  Each download contains further information as a word document in the download

Remember to watch the video ‘How Positive Mental Training helps Stress and Depression’ before starting to listen to the tracks.

There is an information sheet on how to download from this website with a voucher code- here. You can also listen to the first 2 tracks of the Positive Mental Training programme from this page.

 *****Downloading onto an iPad or iPhone******

Its easiest to install the app (Feeling Good )– but you can download the audio tracks if you first install an app to download zipped files, such as idownload plus (free from the apple app store). But free apps do change/disappear so you may need to search for another one. Find app download instructions here

gift box

Gift the app – purchase a gift code  to unlock the Positive Mental Training tracks – click here

Important information about our audios: Although many people find Positive Mental Training highly effective, these recordings are not recommended for people who have certain mental problems, such as psychosis, schizophrenia or manic depression (bipolar disorder). This programme is NOT intended to replace appropriate conventional treatment by a doctor or other health professional. If in doubt we recommend that you consult with your GP before downloading and listening. We cannot guarantee that everyone will find our programme effective although in the majority of cases, proper use of our programme can lead to some beneficial effect.

Never listen to these audios while driving a car, operating machinery or somewhere it is unsafe to fall asleep.

Positive Mental Training is copyrighted material and downloads are intended for personal use only and is not for reproduction, copying or lending.