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Feeling Good App

Positive Mental Training is available as the iOS/Android app.

Feeling Good : positive mindset 

approved by NHS Digital App Library

The app is free to download, and comes pre-loaded with

  • 1st track of Positive Mental training
  • 2 short booster tracks – Confidence Boost and Body Scan -a relaxation track,
  • 3 minute mindfulness
  • a welcome track

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The complete Positive Mental Training programme can be purchased or ‘unlocked’  free of charge with an in-app login username & password given to you, for example by a health professional or your workplace, if they have a licence.  Please contact us if your institution would like to have a licence.


A great feature of the app is a progress monitor in the form of a tree which gradually fills out with leaves and flowers as progress is made through the programme.  We really like the growth metaphor. 

You can set up listening reminders as well. The app has 2 mental health questionnaires, so you can assess your health status, this also helps us to assess the helpfulness of the programme (anonymously) .

Go to your app store and search on ‘Feeling Good’.

Look for the sunny logo and ‘Feeling Good: positive mindset’





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Gift the app – buy a code that you can send to someone to unlock the Positive Mental Training Tracks £14.99 (inc vat) -[ for use in the app once its downloaded]  

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