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‘We were quite impressed by the statistics it showed so we thought we’d adopt the positive mental health programme‘ Dr Chris Woodforde, GP, Halton

A number of research studies have been completed into Positive Mental Training. All available in ‘papers & publications’

  • The first study was conducted in 2003/4 with Edinburgh University looking at the effects of using the programme with depressed patients in primary care (GP practices).
  • A later study, in 2009, explored the use of the programme as an occupational health intervention for employees with stress, anxiety, depression and burnout in the workplace,  run by Dr Jacqueline Thompson, an occupational health doctor.  The results, showing the effectiveness of this, are displayed as a poster.
  • An economic evaluation was conducted in 2013 by Kings College, London (Professor McCrone) which shows Positive Mental Training as a cost effective psychological intervention in primary care.
  • A number of surveys have been carried out with health professionals using Positive Mental Training in their practice.  A Welsh survey showed increased wellbeing after 6 months.
  • There has also been a Swedish study looking at ageing effects in those using Positive Mental Training.
  • A randomised study with students in McGill University showed that listening to 10 minutes of positive reappraisals (from the programme) was effective at raising the level of positive emotions in students with lower mood
  • Health promotion studies in the workplace have demonstrated that Positive Mental Training is effective at increasing wellbeing and decreasing depressive thinking compared to a music control.  And qualitative evaluation of this revealed that those who listened to the programme felt they had gained skills in relaxation, coping and confidence, helping them sleep better, cope better with work and home life.

We have also included under ‘papers & publications’ some studies in related fields.

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